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Spread the Gospel!

RJCFS translates the Bible into everyday life by creatively presenting the Gospel through short films.  Our prayer is that through the messages in these films, you are encouraged and blessed in your pursuit of God. 

Apr 16, 2017

The Masterpiece

This Easter play turned mini-movie follows the life of an inventor named Lizzie and her life-changing encounter with a bum!


Jan 03, 2017

Reaching The Lost: One Soul At A ime

It's a Star Wars spoof with a great spiritual message. You will be both entertained and left to consider your role in the fate of the galaxy...and of the world around you.

Nov 19, 2016

Don't Miss Your Destiny Due To Wrong Speaking!

The Sequel to "HeartCheck" an original video production by RJCF Stanford. Based on the sermon, "Don't Miss Your Destiny Due to Wrong Speaking!" by Asst. Pastor Vonda Pipkin of ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries. 

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