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Have you connected with God today?

Hey Friends,

Since Jesus is our source (John 14:6, 15:5), we have to make a real connection with Him at the start of each day. Without that connection, we may miss what He is saying to us or how He is leading us - not to mention lack the power and grace to overcome the struggles of life and experience victory for ourselves and others. So take some time to connect with Jesus today :)

Notes from last week's message entitled, "Faith Focus Part 4"

  • The Lord knows you are going to make mistakes, but He is more interested in your heart attitude -> are you really after Him?

  • Jesus is God -> so He is to be first in our lives.

  • We should cherish the Lord above all things. We should have a deep affection for Him.

  • We must take the time to become "skillful" in what the Bible says and how it applies to our lives.


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